Get a full picture of your measurement data

KensoBI is an analytics software that monitors production quality in real-time. Link metrics to CAD models and display them together on an interactive dashboard.

Tesla Model X front left fender CAD dashboard

Become a problem-solver everyone trusts.

Identify opportunities or anomalies. Assess the impact and make choices that lead to desirable outcome.


Create stunning, interactive data visualizations with metrics linked to your CAD models.


Monitor processes in real-time and react to changes instantly.


Build customizable dashboards that change dynamically based on the user’s input.

Tesla Model X front left fender CAD dashboard visualization

Lead your teams to a shared success.

Connect everyone to data, wherever it lives.

SPC characteristic dimensional report dashboard visualization

Any database

Integrate seamlessly with major SQL databases, as well as document databases (NoSQL).


Connect to sources from inside or outside your organization.


Blend multiple data sources together on the same dashboard or even the same graph.

Build transparency and drive innovation.

Maximize every opportunity by empowering everyone with data to openly seek new solutions and ideas.


Control access with user and team permissions.

Track changes

Use revision history to see old versions of the same dashboard, sorted by date and who made the change.

Up to date

You are always working on the latest version of your dashboard.

KensoBI share dashboard options

Make the data work for you.

Focus on the things that matter and ignore all the things that are happening just like they are supposed to.

Aventador Exterior CAD dashboard


Build alerts that trigger custom actions.

Define thresholds

Define rules and conditions, and also decide when to evaluate them.


Send notifications directly to your other apps to build fully automated workflows.

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