Share and control access

Easily share and collaborate on interactive data visualizations

Aventador Exterior CAD dashboard

Improve internal and external communications

Increase business performance by keeping everyone you work with on the same page. Empower them to ask their own questions and analyze interactive visualizations with fresh data.

Control access to your analytics

Share visualizations and underlying data securely with everyone or just a few people. Control access with user and team permissions.

Always Be Up to Date

No more emailed report spreadsheets and worrying if you are looking at the latest version. Know your data is in real-time.

KensoBI user management

Access control

Create users and teams and configure permissions to make sure that users only have access to the resources they need. Set permissions for teams, folders, or individual dashboards.


Create a direct link to dashboards or panels. Embed the dashboards in a web page as an iframe — either as a live dashboard or a static snapshot. Snapshots can be shared publicly without logging into the system. We strip sensitive data like queries and panel links, leaving only the visible metric data and series names embedded into your dashboard.

KensoBI data export to CSV file


Export query results to CSV files for use with external text editors. Generate reports of any visualization or dashboard and save them to PNG image format.

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