Integrate your metrics

Capture quality data from across the enterprise

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No vendor lock-in

Utilize your existing investments. Bring your data together across different tools and vendors to create better understanding and better context.

Take data from where it lives

You need to aggregate data from your production lines, labs, supply chain, or finished products, and most of the time this data is not available in a centralized location.

Monitor supplier quality

Connect and monitor supplier production quality in real-time to prevent supply disruptions and ensure the quality of incoming product.

KensoBI available datasources

Data sources

Integrate seamlessly with major SQL databases, as well as document databases (NoSQL). Mix multiple data sources together on the same dashboard or even the same graph.


Define thresholds and get notified via email, Slack, PagerDuty, and more. Trigger custom actions by delivering alert messages to other applications using webhooks.

KensoBI alerts visualization
KensoBI white labeling

White labeling

Integrate KensoBI with your offering and rebrand it with your company name and logo.


KensoBI is compatible with open-source plugins from Grafana ecosystem. Customize your experience with more than 30 community data sources and 50 visualization panels. You can even develop your own extensions using JavaScript.

KensoBI Grafana plugins

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